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In observing the social and economic disparities, as well as the alarming teen violence and dropout rates among youth and young adults in the District of Columbia, Amala Lives was instituted in 2008 in the District of Columbia to "inspire, equip and empower," at risk youth, families and communities. Founded in 2008, Amala Lives was created as a divine calling to create empowering programs where youth, adults and those from challenged communities, could attest to "infinite possibilities." Amala is an Arabic word for Hope. It is thus the principal that guides the work that we do!

Located in the heart of Ward 7, we understand the challenges and barriers that the proposed target population faces to access educational and career advancement programs. Too often socio-economics is the barrier that too many of D.C. residents face when trying to access high quality programs that close the achievement gap. For nearly a decade our organization has been a platform of empowerment for individuals who have endured poverty, violence, parent absenteeism, incarceration, mental illness, educational deficiency, teen pregnancy and abuse.

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